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2015 Section 12 Horse Judging

This year the chapter attended the section 12 horse judging contest held in Delavan at Rawlings 4R Arena. We took two teams of five that included the following members: Lane Prather, Sara Helms, Emma Helms, Kylie Byrd, Maddie Barth, Montana Onken, Makenna Huff, Michaela Lane, Emma James, and John Wilcox.

Horse Judging 2

Photo Courtesy of Section 12 FFA President, Corrine Harding


The teams competed against other chapters from the section. In attendance was 82 eager FFA members who were ready to judge the horses in three halter classes, two western pleasure classes, and one pattern class. It was a good contest for kids to start in and test their skills in horse judging. All together it was a good night for our the MCW chapter as we took home second place as a team with our standout judger Maddie Barth placing 1st individually with a score of 294 out of 300.


Horse Judging 1

Photo Courtesy of Section 12 FFA President, Corrine Harding

Our chapter is also proud to announce due to our success we are sending a team of four – Maddie Barth – Lane Prather – Kylie Byrd and Sara Helms to the state contest at Blackhawk College. We would also like to thank Nikki Klein and Brody Little for allowing us to come out to their farm to practice judging and for their tips and tricks that helped us throughout the contest.


2015 Farm Progress Show

On Wednesday, September 2, Blake Meyer and I were given the privilege to attend the Farm Progress Show. The show was a great opportunity to learn more about what drives agriculture here in Illinois. Ranging from tires to seed, we saw just about anything and everything that has to do with agriculture while there.  

Most importantly, the two of us were able to stop at Zimmatic’s tent. For those readers who don’t know, Zimmatic by Lindsay is a company which produces high-performing irrigation systems. During our stop at the tent, Tony Burks was kind enough to tell us more about Zimmatic and their products. We even got to meet some members from Lindsay and Zimmatic!

We would again like to express our gratitude to Lindsay and Zimmatic for donating their time, equipment and service to our FFA irrigated plot system.  It is because of local farmers, Scott Warner, Tony Burks, and Lindsay’s dedication to our FFA program that our FFA Plot and Program is successful. 

I would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Wyatt Meyer for taking us. It was an amazing experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to go. Now, we are looking forward to our 2015 Plot Harvest and we wish all of our farmers a safe and successful harvest. 

-CoPlot Chair, Josh Goetze


Pictured from Left to Right – TN+W’s Tony Burks, Co-Plot Chair Josh Goetze, Plot Chair Blake Meyer, and Jason Parker, Director of Sales and Marketing Operations for Lindsay.


2015 Plot Night

On Wednesday, August 26th we had our annual plot day. Plot day is to showcase what we’ve been growing in our plot and to show our appreciation to all of the farmers, businesses and seed representatives who make this possible for us. Running the plot is sometimes a lot of work but in the end it teaches you many responsibilities and is worth it in the long run.

Plot Night 2


The first thing we did at plot night was eat dinner and directly after that we had Plot Advisor, Zac Charlton, talk to the guests about everything that went on this year, from how the field was set up to how much fertilizer it has on it and who all have worked to make the plot successful.

Plot Night 1


After that we used a trailer, donated by Brian Frank, and took the guests over to the plot so the seed representatives could talk to the farmers about their plot entries.  Each seed representative was allowed to enter two different hybrids.  Also, Tony Burks talked about the new additions that TN&W have put in the plot and on the irrigation such as experimental nozzles and rain buckets and soil moisture probes. Overall plot night was a success and hopefully can be even better next year.   

Blake Meyer, Plot Chair 2015-2016

Plot Night 3


Fall Callout 2015!

The new school year is here and FFA is starting the school year off swinging. On Saturday, August, 22, we hosted the first official FFA meeting of the year at Mrs. Thomas’ farm. This meeting was not just a down to business meeting; there were lots of fun activities and good food too!

Of course we had to use a Selfie Stick!

Of course we had to use a Selfie Stick!

The officers started off by doing ice breaker activities to get to know the members and to allow the members to get to know each other. We started business by all the officers introducing themselves – I messed up my introduction which gave all of us a good laugh.

Then we gave invocation and it was time to eat. There was a TON of food. We had hotdogs over a fire, chips and various side dishes and desserts brought by the members.  After eating there was a hayrack ride and lots of dancing, some of the officers taught the members to do a couple line dances.


At about 9:15 everyone started to head out. All in all we had an awesome first meeting and I can’t wait for more FFA activities, with this awesome group of officers and members!  🙂

Montana Onken – 2015-2016 FFA Sentinel

A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Thomas' husband, Braden, for taking us on a hayrack ride.

A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Thomas’ husband, Braden, for taking us on a hay-rack ride.


Welcome Back!

Well, here we are, we’re nearing the end of August and if you ask me I find it astonishing that we’re already this far through the year. If you’re like me then we all know what the end of August means, State Fair, and sadly that back to school stuff.

For me, this whole back to school thing isn’t that bad, I have done it for twelve years now. But if you’re like the incoming freshmen, which we all were or will be sooner or later, then the decision of picking classes and finding your niche in high school can be tough.

Looking back now, I realize how difficult the decisions really were. My niche just so happened to be sitting right in front of me in an organization known as the FFA.

So, if you are an incoming freshmen or maybe you’re new to the school you’re at, I would highly advise joining FFA. Not only do you have a good time, but it opens doors to new experiences and opportunities. Here is a great post that talks about why you SHOULD become an FFA member – Cows Not Required. Have a great year everyone.

Drake Pettie
2015-2016 Midwest Central FFA President


Over the summer, MC FFA members volunteered their time for Cheryl Friedrich’s benefit at the Marine Corps. A big thank you to all the FFA members who participated and an even bigger thank you goes out to all who came and supported a beloved community member!

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