First Week of Ag Class

 First Week of Ag Class 2K16

Man did Midwest Central’s Ag classes have a busy week!!! Students kicked off the week by finding our personalities through an animal personality test. The young agriculturists took a test on their qualities, and discovered their strengths and weaknesses. Our first day was followed by getting our binders ready for an exhilarating year in Ag!

We carried on our eventful week by welcoming the amazing Matt Montgomery to our classes to discuss the use of all of his classes in his everyday job! That night we had our annual plot night. We had a very successful night, and we appreciate all the help from the community in getting our plot taken care of! Friday, Ag classes had the first ever Ag Olympics; teams were created based on the personality tests taken on Monday. Events in this year’s Ag Olympics were Slippery Melons, the Holy Water Challenge, and Butter Stick Toss.

Midwest Central’s FFA finished off the week with Fall Callout at the Goetze’s house! We welcomed our newest members and caught up with familiar faces while participating in Team-Building Games; such as, the Human Knot, Magic Carpet Ride, and the Human Ladder game. We would like to give huge shoutout to the Goetze’s for stepping up and hosting an absolutely amazing night that all of our members loved

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