2015 Plot Night

On Wednesday, August 26th we had our annual plot day. Plot day is to showcase what we’ve been growing in our plot and to show our appreciation to all of the farmers, businesses and seed representatives who make this possible for us. Running the plot is sometimes a lot of work but in the end it teaches you many responsibilities and is worth it in the long run.

Plot Night 2


The first thing we did at plot night was eat dinner and directly after that we had Plot Advisor, Zac Charlton, talk to the guests about everything that went on this year, from how the field was set up to how much fertilizer it has on it and who all have worked to make the plot successful.

Plot Night 1


After that we used a trailer, donated by Brian Frank, and took the guests over to the plot so the seed representatives could talk to the farmers about their plot entries.  Each seed representative was allowed to enter two different hybrids.  Also, Tony Burks talked about the new additions that TN&W have put in the plot and on the irrigation such as experimental nozzles and rain buckets and soil moisture probes. Overall plot night was a success and hopefully can be even better next year.   

Blake Meyer, Plot Chair 2015-2016

Plot Night 3

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